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Monaco skin

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A skin changes the look and feel of a site without changing its core features.

Monaco was the skin before Wikia. Many editors prefer this skin over the new skin "Wikia", and this is why editors left Wikia.


Monaco skin available on Shoutwiki
Monaco on shoutwiki
Further Wikia v Shoutwiki

Shoutwiki now has Monaco. You can enable it on your preferences.

It will be freely available until 20:00, 30 June 2011 (UTC), after which it'll be a premium (paid) feature.

December 21, 2010 Blog post

Monaco skin available to download
Dantman Monaco-port installed on User:AWAMember wiki.

With the Dantman Monaco-port wikis running Mediawiki 1.16+ can run Monaco. Installation is in less than 10 minutes.

Club Penguin Wiki with Monaco

The Club Penguin Wiki Network Successfully installed monaco and has its customized css for monaco.

The Stargate Wiki has monaco installed and a customized css.

Installing Monaco skin on your own wiki before

Before the Dantman/Monaco-port, installing Monaco skin on your own wiki is incredibly difficult.

Halopedian.com stated:

...the originally planned "Monaco" skin (was not implemented). We admittedly found that Monaco was more of a trouble to install due to some missing code parts, so we decided to look at a close but easier alternative to give everyone a look that may be little different, but still feels familiar to them.[1]


It appears that you may be in for an impossible task (exporting Monaco to another wiki) -- the Monaco skin appears to be pretty heavily entwined in the Wikia site. I could not locate a single thread where a user successfully exported the Monaco skin to their wiki.[2]


"Monaco is a wikia in-house customised skin. It is not one of the native Mediawiki skins, and to my knowledge, monaco is not in use anywhere else."[3]

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